How to Clean Window Tracks and Frames: The Simplest, Easiest Way

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If you’ve ever attempted to clean window tracks, you may be familiar with the tactics of nudging a rag into nooks and crannies with a butterknife, painstakingly picking up flecks of grime with multiple tiny cotton swabs, or just dousing the entire thing with water to flush the whole mess out of there (making a bigger mess in the process). But there’s good news: There is a smart, affordable technique that will make this dreaded chore much, much easier.

It involves a sponge and a bit of customization. Here’s what to do.

How to Hack a Sponge to Clean Your Window Tracks

Now, rather than jiggling rag-wrapped butter knives or the tiny points of one million cotton swabs along your tracks, you can simply wipe a custom-made sponge back and forth a few times before calling it a day!

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