Antiracism Action Plan – How Food52 Supports BLM

Creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company has been a goal of ours. And yet, we recognize our efforts have not been anywhere near enough, and we need to do more. To follow up on our promise from Sunday, we wanted to share our plans.

We will make changes to our recruitment and hiring efforts in order to welcome and actively seek out a more diverse range of candidates for all positions. We will work to amplify the voices of our Black and POC teammates without putting the burden of education on them. We will increase Black representation across all of our channels. We will actively seek out more Black makers and content creators to build meaningful connections and partnerships.

We are monitoring our comment sections more closely for racist language and hate speech. We commit to revisiting all of these topics on a regular basis to measure our progress and make necessary adjustments. Our goal is to create systemic change at Food52.

We are donating $60,000, to be distributed equally among three organizations: The Movement for Black Lives, The Conscious Kid, and The Equal Justice Initiative. We believe that policy reform, education, and the rigorous pursuit of racial justice are critical components of meaningful and lasting change, and these three organizations are among those making a real impact. We will continue to invest our time and money to support racial justice, equity, and inclusion.

We have a responsibility to stand up for and follow through on what we believe is right.

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