New Book on the Way!!

I honestly can’t wait to get the first copy of this workbook to use it for myself! I currently have to use a conglomerate of different sticky notes, notepads, and papers, but with this new book, it’ll all be in one place and so easy to use! 

I’m so excited to share with you the templates that’ll be included (I worked so hard on these!).

TWO LAMINATED TEMPLATES (for your fridge!)
Located in the front pocket of the workbook…

  • Laminated School Lunch Packing Chart
  • Laminated Final Dinner Menu Template (so everyone always knows what’s for dinner!)

All you’ll need is a dry erase marker and you’ll be ready to go with these.

These are located inside the workbook right after the instructions on how to use and adopt this meal planning system…

  • 52 Blank Weekly Templates for Menu Planning
  • 52 Blank Weekly Supermarket Templates (organized by store department)

This is what the year’s worth of blank Weekly Templates will look like and how they’ll work. The little icons coordinate with any instructions in the text so that you can easily cross-reference what to do and when!

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