Raw Vegan Tacos


  • Fresh Romane lettuce leaves
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Enoki mushrooms
  • Cucumbers
  • Baby corns
  • Fresh sweet corn
  • Avocado
  • Lime juice
  • Sunflower sprouts (just the cotyledons – the green leaves)


  1. Prepare the Taco “Shells”:

    Use large lettuce leaves as a nutritious and crunchy alternative to traditional taco shells. They’re easy to handle and provide the perfect vessel for your delicious filling.

  2. Chop / Dice / Slice Fresh Ingredients:

    Slice cucumbers, chop enoki mushrooms and baby corns, slice juicy cherry tomatoes, mash creamy avocado and lime juice. These colourful ingredients will add both flavour and nutrition to your tacos.

  3. Assemble the Tacos:

    Lay out the lettuce leaves and evenly distribute the chopped ingredients on each leaf-boat. Top it off with avocado-lime mash.

  4. Serve and Enjoy:

    These Raw Vegan Tacos are not only a feast for the eyes but also a treat for your taste buds. No cooking required – just assemble, serve, and savor!

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